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Hey-O! We are super excited that

you are here, it's no accident!

We launched into our new found joy in Sep 2017.


Taking back what is ours, our time, our money, our freedom has pushed our boundaries beyond anything we could imagine and we LOVE it!

Growing as a person and becoming a better version of yourself is part of the journey. We weren't put here on earth to be mediocre, we were put here to shine! Learning and changing allows us to more than we  thought we could be, it allows us to reach heights we thought impossible and when we get there, it allows us to reach down and lift others up.


 As a family we had such incredible experiences with the oils that we knew that we could help other people to take control of their health and their lifestyle too. doTERRA is our vehicle to do that!

"The best way to know your future, is to create it." 

Peter Drucker


Have you used Essential Oils before?
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         Jonny and Cassie x

I shaved  my head for

Tumaini Children's Charity.

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