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Autumn Salt Dough Ornaments with Essentials Oils

Updated: Mar 1

2 of our kids had an assignments from school to make some autumn crafts, I figured as we are flexi-educating, we could take the opportunity to put a little extra time in the normal. That being said, I have fond memories of my mum making little salt dough characters as Christmas gifts for people... it was the 90's! My kids loved doing this with me today and we will definitely be doing it again on a wet afternoon! It's a chance to get creative, have fun together and enjoy the season!

We obviously focused on autumn this time but we did a some stars too ready for a Christmas decoration. Yes, I am that forward thinking. They will go in the cupboard until December ready for a Christmas craft session.

We of course add essential oils to our salt dough mixture because...we can! You don't have to BUT it makes it smell AMAZING!

You can even use some of the oils that promote calm feelings to maximize this chilled out and fun activity!

We chose the following, which

was perfect for out autumn topic!

(Make 90 small ornaments) INGREDIENTS:

3 cups of plain flour

2 cups of salt

2 cups of water

3 drops of Cinnamon Oil

5 drops of Wild Orange Oil

3 drops of Clove Oil

I can tell you this aroma's like hygge in a bowl!

Simply mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl (I used a wooden spatula) and once you have stirred it enough, it was roll into one large bowl. Pop some addition plain flour on the table and knead your salt dough ball for about 10 minutes. I gave the kids each their portion as they did this themselves, they loved this part!

We then rolled out each persons dough to about 3mm thick, I prefer at least 4-5mm because other wise it can tear when you are picking up. We used regular cookie cutters and a few clay tools. If you are making ornaments to string up then don't forget to poke a hole through the salt dough before baking, it will be rock hard after baking.

Helpful tip: use a stainless steel spatula with a flour on the end to pick up their little creations, it really helps to keep the shape set.

Take out your oven trays and completely cover with baking paper, once your ornaments are ready, gently place each one on the paper. Bake at 150 celsius for 3 hours and they are either ready as they are or you can paint and glaze them!

Below are some of our creations. We have leaves, stars, hedgehogs, owls, acorns and a squirrel!

We really hope you have fun getting creative together!

Cass x


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