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 and DINNER 

We have a dinner bell to call everyone down to the table, I love the rush of stomping feet into the dining room. It means family time!

No distractions, just good old food & conversation!

Lunch and dinner doesn't always have to be fabulous, with time and budget restrictions,it can be tricky to serve up food that that doesn't create a mexican wave of groans. We have also learnt that it's ok to cheat sometimes, because life happens! If it's last minute pesto pasta or carefully prepared risotto, we must be grateful and just enjoy the simple pleasure of each others company!

#One#dairyfree #glutenfree #vegetarian

Diced potatoes baked in Coconut Oil and Paprika powder

Cauldron Falafels baked with Feta cheese (sheep & goat) & Pesto Sauce

Green olives

Salad tomatoes

Mixed salad leaves



Himalayan Rock Salt & Olive Oil to season salad


                         I'm Cassie, welcome to our space! I'm glad you're here!

 If you like our ideas, please share and let us know too. It's always good to make new friends... x

 #two #gluten free #vegetarian #dairyfree


2 x cans Tinned Tomatoes

2 Shakes of Himylayan Rock Salt

1 Drop doTERRA Thyme Essential Oil

1 Drop doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil

For the pizza dough recipe, simply click here

Add your toppings and you're good to go!

Enjoying our lunch

& dinner ideas?

Share it with your friends!

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Max's tummy doesn't agree with white flour and dairy, but we love pizza so we went recipe hunting! Cooking from scratch is preferable anyway! We found this awesome, easy, quick recipe for wholewheat flour pizza dough that needs no rising time and the kids love it! Manchego Cheese is made from Sheeps Milk so this works for us too! This meal is super quick, cheap and fun to make.

 #three#glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree

We LOVE Rice Cakes (except from Jonny, he hates, double hates, loathes them entirely)!


So add in some herby salad leaves, even a little humous and a perfectly poached egg to make this delicious lunch for all the family!

Apart from if you have Jonny, we can't win them all! 

 #four #glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree #vegan

This is more of a side dish but my favourite type of salad is one that has lots of elements in, all chopped up small, chucked into a big bowl then drizzled with a simple dressing. We love Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, 1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil, Himalayan Rock Salt and Cracked Black Pepper. 

In this particlaur salad there is Alfalfa (so easy to sprout at home!), raw beetroot, cucumber, piccolo tomatoes, spring onion, avacado, rocket, baby spinach, red onion and pepper.

 #five glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree #vegan

This is such a yummy one and can mostly be pre-prepared- my kind of meal!

More colour, more taste!


Brown Rice cooked with Turmeric

Falafals (We buy from Costco but any     main    supermarket will sell too)

Your favourite salad bits (we love feta as a     treat but if you are vegan, just leave out)

Butternut squash cubes and baked in   Coconut Oil and Paprika

 #six#glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree #vegan


This lunch box rocks our lunch times. It allows us to have really diverse meals on the go, it even hold yogurt!


So before you go for your regular sandwich, crisps, bar and fruit, think about  smaller amounts of more varies foods.


It's never the same and the kids never complain!

 #seven #glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree #vegan


My friend makes quick, delicious lunches where she puts every thing that grows out of the ground into a wrap then adds a shed load of pesto and coriander!


Wraps are so versatile and quick lunch to make.

 eight#glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree #vegan


Brown Rice


Mixed Beans



Mexican Spice


Tortilla Chips (GF)

As you can see, I love serving food in one big bowl for everyone to dig in!

 #nine#glutenfree #vegetarian #dairyfree 


New Potatoes

Corn on the Cob 

Both drizzled with Olive Oil, then dusted with Himalayan Rock Salt and Paprika

Baked whisked eggs, red pesto t

opped with

grated Manchego cheese

All the salad you have in the fridge!

I was super late starting dinner today but this one takes about 30 minutes and every chows down as soon as it's served. Winner. 

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