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We love to attend and run events, so if you enjoy meeting new people and chatting all things health and wellness then we would love to connect with you!

You might meet us in a friends home, at your work place, over a stand at a wellbeing event or even before receiving a beautiful AromaTouch treatment. Essential Oils can touch everyone and we can adapt our message for any setting. From pregnancy, babies, children, teens & right the way up!

No upcoming events at the moment

We teach in fun,

educational workshops...

One of my favourite settings to share essential oils is in someone's home,

with their family and friends. 


We learn and laugh together and even enjoy some raw treats made with essential oils too! 

Having sent all attendees a sample before the class, everyone is ready and on board to jump in. 

And which Hostess with the Mostess gift will you choose!?

So if you are intrigued and want to host your own class, simply fill out the form below. 

I would like to host! a class, I would be awesome...

Want to chat?