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Watts This Family?


Who are we?

A-o! We are the Watts Family! 

Jonny, Cassie and our 4 kiddos.

Between playing pranks, competing in home made assault courses and family camp outs in the living room, we are taking back what is ours...

Our health, our time, our money and our future!

Back in 2016, Jonny was working from home and I decided to home educate the children so we took a leap & relocated our family to Wales, just because we could! 


Soon enough, we discovered, mountains, waterfalls and breath taking beaches, it's right here on our door step. Discovering new places is so fun and we're having an awesome time doing it! 

We began a mission to discover all the wonderful ways we can support our family's over all well being.  In doing this we have found a love for essential oils, mindfulness, nourishing food, self development and more.

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Cassie xx


"To change ones life:  

start immediately.

Do it flamboyantly"

William James

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